Art Director.


34 year old adult man. Fully grown, apparently.


Started as a freelance illustrator for a right wing newspaper. Didn’t feel too good about it, so I quit to become an ad man. I understand the irony. 


Got a distinction in Creative Advertising from Falmouth, although sadly, the only person who cares is my Mum. Also survived the Cornish storms of 2013, so you could say I’ve mastered the elements too.


Traded in the harsh realities of the Cornish Riviera 5 years ago and moved to Manchester in search of sun, sand and opportunity. Found precisely one of those things. (Also turns out I haven’t quite mastered the elements after all).


I’ve been at Cheetham Bell for three office changes, three new MDs and two new logos. In that time I’ve written a few TV ads, some print, and once had an idea so bad it was pinned onto the ‘wall of shame’ for a year. Some of my ideas have been alright though. I’ve even picked up an award or two (5 if we’re being pedantic).


I have lots of opinions about shop-bought puff pastry. I’ll tell you over a gin. I also own a mushroom brush. That means I’m detailed-orientated. Generally, I work like I cook: with manic precision, listening to old-school hip hop, and always, always in pursuit of something tasty.

Drum Roses Awards 2019 - Tourism/ambient - Silver - On The Beach, Snow stamp.

Drum Roses Awards 2018 - Design poster - Gold - Royal Exchange Theatre, Jubilee

Drum Roses Awards 2018 - Art direction - Silver - Royal Exchange Theatre, Jubilee

Drum Roses Awards 2018 - 6 sheet poster - Silver - Royal Exchange Theatre, Jubilee

Drum Roses Awards 2017 - Press advert - Silver - Soreen, Shining