Thirty-four years old. Five foot four inches tall. 


Started out as a freelance illustrator for a right-wing newspaper. I was starting to feel conflicted, so did what any sensible person might. I quit, moved to Cornwall, and began an MA in Creative Advertising. 


One Distinction later (my mum cares, alright?), I headed back north in search of sun, sand and opportunity. I found precisely one of those things.


I spent the next six years at CheethamBell. In that time I’ve written a few TV ads, some print, and once had an idea so terrible it was pinned onto the ‘wall of shame’ for a year. I picked up five awards though, so it can’t have been all bad.


I have lots of opinions about shop-bought puff pastry. I’ll tell you over a gin. I also own a mushroom brush, which means I’m detailed-orientated. Generally, I work like I cook: with manic precision, listening to old-school hip hop, and always in pursuit of something tasty.

Drum Roses Awards 2019 - Tourism/ambient - Silver - On The Beach, Snow stamp.

Drum Roses Awards 2018 - Design poster - Gold - Royal Exchange Theatre, Jubilee

Drum Roses Awards 2018 - Art direction - Silver - Royal Exchange Theatre, Jubilee

Drum Roses Awards 2018 - 6 sheet poster - Silver - Royal Exchange Theatre, Jubilee

Drum Roses Awards 2017 - Press advert - Silver - Soreen, Shining