Some of the most famous paintings that the UK has to offer are of its landscapes.

From Constable to Turner, the art world can’t get enough of a finely-wrought trunk, or a beautiful field of bluebells.

But in real life, we’re losing our woodland at an astonishing rate. And if we don’t act soon, we’ll have to say

goodbye to the most priceless piece of art there is – the planet.


In a one-off art exhibit of the UK’s most famous landscape painting, we’ll get actors to deface them with bright red paint.

The paintings will be replicas of course, but the patrons won’t know that, and we’ll be ready with cameras to capture their reactions.


After we reveal the whole thing was a stunt, we’ll be asking one simple question - if the idea of losing a painted woodland is so horrifying, what are you doing to protect the real thing?